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Unfortunately, as with any Premium product, fake and illegal copies are available all over our country. Importadora y Exportadora de Puros y Tabacos, exclusive representative of Habanos, S.A. in Mexico, verifies the legal sourcing of the Habanos through certifications that are only given to those establishments who comply with the authentication requisites. Through this continuous certification process, establishments obtain the “Certified Dealer” acknowledgement that is granted by our company.

Do not help criminals. Please take into account that if you buy fake Habanos, you are not only harming national business and honest workers; you are also affecting all the people that love this noble product, which has such a long lineage and long-lived tradition.

Levels Of Specialization

Habanos SA, has driven for several years, projects that allow consumers to approach to the fascinating world of Habanos, so they can become familiar with the conservation of cigars, product care and their brands.

It exists three programs that are orientated to the points of sale specialized in Habanos that decide to dedicate to the Premium Cigar, which present a great offer of Habanos, possess a specific formation on this topic and have the best conditions for the conservation of the product, as well as a professional differentiated link (better to the rest of retailers of the market) with the Exclusive Distributor of Habanos, S.A., in the territory in which they are.

Of this form, the fans of Habanos can find on the market the following levels of specialization inside the points of sale.

La Casa del Habano

LA CASA DEL HABANO is a network of specialized franchises in the commercialization of the exclusive brands of Habanos. Nowadays, there are franchises located in more than 100 cities, in more than 60 countries and they are recognized as the elite for the sale of Habanos.

Besides acceding to exclusivities, LA CASA DEL HABANO offers an enormous variety of Habanos to his clients and dedicates 100 % of his exhibition to the same ones.

It has been placed on the world market as a network of high prestige, which is distinguish for his wide knowledge as for the Habanos and their conservation; in addition, it offers attention and personalized advice of maximum level for his clients.

To verify the authenticity of this level of expertise and contact details: www.habanos.com.mx

Habanos Specialist

Habanos Specialist is the second level. In these stores, the product is preserved in ideal conditions of humidity and temperature and the exhibition of Habanos inside the business overcomes 50 % of the area of exhibition.

These points of sale possess personnel certified by the Academia Habanos to attend their clients.

The above mentioned level of specialization possesses a foliated label that can be authenticated in: www.habanos.com.mx

Habanos Point

Habanos Point is orientated to those shops where there is a limitation of space to have a lot of products but there exists a great professionalism and dedication of the owner, who looks, inside the limitations of his place, for a degree of differentiation in the commercialization of the Habanos.

In these establishments, the product is preserved in ideal conditions and the area of exhibition of the Habanos covers 50 % of the area dedicated to Tobacco Premium cigars.

These points of sale possess personnel certified by Academia Habanos to attend the clients.

The above mentioned level of specialization possesses a foliated label that can be authenticated en: www.habanos.com.mx

Certified Dealer

In Mexico, due to the falsification of Habanos on the market, the idea arose in 2009 of certifying to the points of sale under the concept of "Certified Dealer". This way, in the web page www.habanos.com.mx, the consumer could validate the genuineness of the certificate and identify points of sale where to acquire original Habanos.

Now, with the new levels of specialization, "Certified Dealer" yields his place to the same ones, allowing always to the final consumer to validate the genuineness of the level of certification in and www.habanos.com.mx, as well as to locate and to obtain information of contact of these specialized points of sale.

Lic. Bernardo Andrés
Director Comercial IEPT